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We offer plumbing solutions in the Bayside area and greater south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our services include fixing burst pipes, gas leaks, and blocked drains, right through to appliance repairs, replacements, and installation.

We are experienced, reliable and trustworthy plumbers who work hard for quality solutions at affordable prices. Get in touch today for an obligation-free quote.

Areas serviced

We offer experienced plumbing solutions in people’s homes in the Bayside area and the greater south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.Regardless of whether you do or don't live in any of the suburbs below, get in touch today for a quick chat. We'll always do our best to help in any way that we can.

The suburbs we work in include:


A bit about Home to Garden

Home to Garden is an established family-run business headed by Andrew Fothergill and his father Martin. The business was born of our passion for providing people with top quality customer service.

Home to Garden is as serious about customer service as we are about renovations and plumbing. We make connections with people as well as water, drainage and gas—with all work 100% guaranteed.

Plumbing FAQs

What do I do if my water pipe bursts or leaks?

Your first job is to stop the flow of water. Find your water meter as quickly as possible, and turn it off. Water meters are normally located at the boundary of the property near the road. If you can’t find it, call South East Water on 13 16 94 and they will tell you.

We provide an emergency service for bursts and leaks, so if you call Home to Garden for a burst pipe, we will make sure we’re on site within the next 12 hours to fix the problem.

How do I know when my drain is blocked?

While this might seem like an easy question to answer for some, we find many of our customers are unaware of a majority of the indicators of a blocked drain.

Aside from a sink not emptying when unplugged, here are a few less obvious examples that your pipes could be suffering from blockages:

  • when I flush my toilet it takes a long time to empty
  • my shower gurgles when I flush the toilet
  • my basin drains really slowly
  • there’s an awful smell in my garden

If you notice any of these things happening around your home, it’s a sign that your drains are partially or completely blocked. And this is a problem that needs specialist tools and to fix.

When any of these things occur, don’t wait! It will only get worse. Call us today for an obligation-free quote.

Can you install appliances for me?

Moving home or upgrading household appliances isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Whether it’s your washing machine and dishwasher, or a new toilet, cook top, taps or sink, we’ve got you covered. If you can name it, we can install it.

We always take great care to install to your supplier’s specification, and check to ensure your warranty is still valid.

For any general household, water, or gas appliances, get in touch for an obligation-free quote.

What do I do if I smell gas?

It sounds like you have a gas leak. If it’s not too strong and safe to do so, you should locate your gas meter near the front of your house by the perimeter fence. It should have a blue or brown colour and have a lever that will pull up or push down.

Once the lever is perpendicular to the pipe, your gas will be safely switched off. Once we are contacted about your gas leak we will make an appointment within the next 12 hours to be on site and fix the problem.

If you have a gas leak, call us today to get it fixed.

How do I make my appliances last?

All your appliances need to be looked after. From taps and showerheads, to hot water units, no job is too small or too large.

We have a preventative maintenance package available for our customers to reduce the inconvenience of small and large appliances breaking down regularly. Get in touch today to learn more.

New home gas safety check

We take you through safety and function of their gas appliances in their new home.

We check the main gas line for leaks, heater for Carbon Monoxide, and will show you how to use and programme the controller for the heater.

We will check the hot water unit for any issues and safety and show you how to work the unit and relight if it goes out.

We will check that all appliances including cook tops and BBQ’s are without fault.

We can advise you of any need to have appliances serviced.

Who wouldn't want the reassurance that their home is gas safe and to know that they were not going to have problems with their hot water, heating and cooking facilities?

Maintain or replace hot water unit

Hot water units are a vital part to living comfortably in our home. Unfortunately like all appliances they have a shelf life. Most hot water units will last from 10-15 years. There are less ongoing maintenance costs with storage units compared to instantaneous units. You will need to change the PTR every 5 years and service the burner every couple of years. By replacing the PTR valve regularly you are prolonging the life of the cylinder. The tank will one day split, at this point you will need to replace the hot water unit.

I can advise you whether it is worth servicing an appliance or if it is best to put the money towards a new unit.

We also can install instantaneous hot water units. This type of installation will normally require a larger gas line and we can advise whether it is a cost effective solution in your specific circumstances.

You may hear people saying things like I have really bad pressure in my shower, or it is hard to get my shower water to balance, it is either really hot or really cold. These are signs that they have a gravity fed system. 

By installing a mains hot water system in place of a gravity hot water you will have better flow and pressure throughout your home.

Gutters and down pipes repairs

Every year debris builds up in the gutter. It is worth having the gutters cleared every 6 months. The debris holds moisture like a sponge would. The moisture eats away at the metal gutter and over a period of 6-12 months you will have a problem with rust. It is inevitable that the gutter will need replacing over time.

It is also worth checking if the down pipes are clear of blockages. Rain water can be held in the gutter and when you have a huge down pour the water has nowhere to go and will overflow out of the gutter which sometimes comes back into your home.

We can replace guttering and down pipes and maintain what you currently have.

Heater repairs

It comes into winter and we go to switch on the heater and nothing happens. Something has gone wrong. Call our expert team in and we can service your heater, whether it is a wall furnace, ducted heater or decorative log fire. It is worth servicing your heater regularly to ensure it is working efficiently and safely.

We will check airflow through the vents, burner pressures, clean return air filters, ensure all components are working properly and clean up gas safety detection devises.

Carbon monoxide testing

We hear a lot about it as winter approaches; “the silent killer” it really is! It has no smell and there are many Victorians who die or are seriously injured every year. Please remember you rarely get a second chance with Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Some visual indicators around the home would be a loss of efficiency of the appliance. There could be a build of soot around the flue or excessive moisture in the home showing up on windows or mould around the appliance.

If carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected, consider asking the following:

  • Do you feel ill in your home?
  • Are you operating a gas appliance or heater at the time you feel ill?
  • Do you feel better if you go outside into fresh air?

Changes in your home such as having a renovation, changing doors, windows or installing extractor fans can have a direct link to Carbon Monoxide problems. These changes in your home could cause your gas appliances to become unsafe.

What out customers have to say

From my experience, your work ethic is exemplary Andy, your knowledge, skill and patience is amazing. I truly appreciate the extra mile you went in sourcing the Caroma Toilet from Adelaide, not to mention your expert installation. It is wonderful and looks superb. You may think it is a bit odd for one to ‘wax lyrical’ about plumbing, but if the plumbing industry attracted a star system, I would award you – Andy Fothergill and Home To Garden Plumbing- six stars!!!
Dawn, Hughesdale

Prompt attention, competency and follow up were great. When I discovered I had a leak it was imperative to fix it quickly. Andrew phoned back to confirm a time and was on site within 2 hours. He quickly found and fixed the problem. My experience with Andrew could not have been better.
Ross, Beaumaris

Andrew arrived on the dates agreed to and at the right time. He was also careful of existing furniture and floor coverings so that work materials or dust were kept to a minimum while the job was underway. Workmanship and care with new fittings could not be faulted. Andrew also made useful suggestions about the layout of taps and outlets in our en suite renovation.
Kel, Dingley Village

Home to Garden renovated my bathroom, when I needed to have a more accessible shower. They were very good at communication, and understood what I wanted. The whole process went smoothly and efficiently, and it was finished on time. The tradespeople were all really pleasant, and they took pride in their work. I felt I could trust this company. I definitely recommend them. 
Ruth, Bentleigh East

Your communications were great. You rang to forewarn me that you were running a few minutes late for the appointment time, which reassured me you were on your way. Your professional yet friendly approach has given me the confidence to refer you to others for their plumbing needs
Don, Brighton East

So if you have a plumbing problem or need some advice, don’t waste your time chasing around or wondering if that unknown tradesman will turn up, I recommend you call Andy Fothergill from home to Garden. Based on my experience Andy will treat your problem like his own, keep you informed, turn up when he says he will and not be satisfied till you are. That’s simply how he works!
Warren, Bentleigh

Home to garden have helped me with several plumbing repairs, instillation and advice at my apartment in West Melbourne. We first got Andy in to advise us on an economic, enviro friendly replacement for our toilet. This then turned into him being our plumber when we renovated our kitchen. He installed our new cook top, sink and mixer. Andy is honest. He is on time and his quotes are accurate. I love the fact he is both a general and green plumber. He will always tell us if there are ways to save money or be more environmentally friendly with our plumbing solutions. I only like to recommend people I know will be able to deliver. Andy is one of those people.
Amanda, West Melbourne

Andy was prompt and efficient. If any delays he advised me. He is a pleasant young man and I was very comfortable with him in the house. He explained all work. Andy cleaned up well at end of jobs.
Nereda, Brighton

Home to Garden Connected water tanks to the home plumbing. Timely service, all costs discussed. Thorough explanation of work to be done. I would recommend Home to Garden for their quality workmanship and good price.
Rob, Newport

I have found Andy easy to work with, flexible with times, always leaves the work area as clean as it was when he started and very easy to get along with customers. Our customer feedback has also been the same, on time, prices was as quoted and has a good understanding of how filters need to be installed.
Jonathan, Bentleigh

Home to garden helped me with a leaking shower and bathroom renovation. We were able to leave Home to Garden to complete the work required with minimal input. They also provided advice regarding other trades people. Home to Garden assisted us with a problem at a property we had tenants living in. They coordinated all the work required on our behalf, liaised with the tenant and provided an exceptional report at the completion of the job. The work was of an exceptionally high standard as was the level of communication, which is why we would happily recommend Home to Garden.
Jill, Highett

Andy came when he said he would, gave me a clear explanation of what may be happening and the potential solutions and risks. He ensured that I understood the complexity of the issue.
Leigh, Brighton East

Andrew has completed a number of jobs for our family in Black Rock. His work is meticulous, he is reliable and get the job done on time.

We respect his opinion and insight on all plumbing matters inside and outside of the home and look forward to working with him again.
Susannah, Black Rock

I would absolutely recommend Home to Garden. On time and professional, and their rates were very reasonable. Andy took the time to talk through the options for our replacement pump so I felt I was making an informed decision. Very happy with the service. 5*
Louise, Brighton

We have been working with Andy and his team for about 2 months on the renovations of our main bathroom, followed by our en-suite. We are very very happy with both the end result and the process that got us there. Andy met us multiple times to make sure he understood our requirements, offered valuable suggestions, provided a detailed schedule (which was closely adhered to), took very good care of our property and always kept us in the loop on the progress. He was also always available to address any questions or concerns we had during the renovation. Overall, the team was a pleasure to work with and gave us our best renovation experience so far!!!
Sujay, Black Rock

Home and Garden helped me with 2 issues, one related to plumbing and the second related to drainage in my roof. Andy arrived on time as agreed, he assessed the issue and provided informative input and suggestions for resolution. When engaged, he acted in a timely and professional manner to resolve the issue.
Ronen, Caulfield

I have a small property maintenance business and whenever I need a reliable plumber Home to Garden are my first call. They are quick to respond and communication is good. I can recommend Home to Garden because they are able to solve most plumbing problems and they turn up on time.
Stephen, Bayside

On both occasions, Andy has: arrived at the nominated time, clearly explained what needs to be done, clearly explained what was done, cleaned up to such an extent that one wouldn’t know that he had been there and followed up to make sure that everything was working as expected. Andy’s level of service has far outstripped that of other tradesmen I have used in the past. I highly recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for a caring plumber who will provide a service of the highest quality.
Alex, Hawthorn East

Andy was very punctual arriving at the agreed time and immediately instilled confidence in his ability to carry out the work required. He did some research of his own on top of the manufacture’s installation instructions and came up with improvements to better suit our needs for the job in hand. I found him very professional in his approach and his expertise was first class. The job was completed promptly and efficiently to a very high standard. I would have no hesitations recommending Andy to anyone requiring his services and would employ him again myself if the need arise.
Gordon, Hampton

Andy repaired leaking outlet in kitchen sink. Replace float in toilet. Replace several washers on several taps. Prompt and came on time, clean and efficient also friendly. Price charged was value for work performed. I should know as a retired builder/ decorator.
Peter, Glen Waverley